Dippin’ Dots Cups

You can mix up to three flavors of your choice in our 5 oz. cup for Php 175. Flavors are seasonal and vary per store.

Dippin’ Dots Prepacks

Your favorite Dippin’ Dots in a convenient package perfect to eat while you’re on-the-go for just Php 100 each.
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Dot Monster Munch Ice Cream

Now you can bring home the goodness of Dippin’ Dots ice cream and have it in your freezers! Dot Monster Munch Ice Cream comes in 6 “Disgustingly Delicious” flavors:

Baby Bea’s Booger Batter
Sour Susie’s Speckled Slime
Pigtail Penelope’s Tickle -Me-Pink
Furry Ferguson’s Polar Bear Poop
Smelly Nelly’s Monkey Mess
Chewy Chomper’s T-Rex Rocks

Monster Munch Flavors

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Gift Certificates

Give the gift of Dippin’ Dots ice cream with our gift certificates for a Cup of ice cream or a Prepack. Available at our stores in packs of 2.
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