Dippin’ Dots Ice Cream in the Philippines


Just because it’s reunion season, I’ve been reunited with my childhood ice cream favorite, Dippin’ Dots!

It feels like grade school again with the ice cream store I visit with my parents at Shangri-la Mall. Before we took our time shopping around Rustan’s, my parents used to treat me a cup of my favorite ice cream dots. I don’t recall any flavor I liked. What I remember, was the playful me trying to fool around with the dotted ice cream, letting it melt in my mouth while it was frozen.


A reunion between Dippin’ Dots Shangri-la branch and myself happened a few days ago. The store looked the same, only with a new set of products. Recently during Dippin’ Dots’ 18th anniversary (Oops wait. That’s how old Dippin’ Dots is! Almost close to my age. Well, not almost. Just close.) last December 7, the unique ice cream brand launched their newest product – the Prepacks.


Prepacks – same Dippin’ Dots ice cream, only packaged differently so that you can grab it and eat on-the-go. I don’t advise Prepacks for take-out. I dared and tried to save the dots on the way home. Failure met me. While walking in Shangri-la Mall as I held the Prepacks with my warm hands, the dots were starting to soften, not melting easily though. Still best to eat them once taken out of the cold freezer. Or, not too long after taking them out of its cold hub.



As I was walking around Shangri-la, feeding myself with Dippin’ Dots Cotton Candy flavor, I looked at myself as a child holding a stick of fluffy ball-sized sweet cotton candy with one hand. Takes me back to the child version of myself, hooked to anything sweet and cold. But as I look sideways and see a glimpse of my reflection, it’s the 20-ish me holding a pack of ice cream dots. These cold tiny dots were gently brushing on cold cotton candy flavor each time it melts. Dippin’ Dots subtly tours me back to 18 years ago.



Hey! But if you’re feeling lucky today, I think you have to take your chance on this promo.
Join and Win 18 cups of Dippin’ Dots!!!
Yep. That’s a lot. 2,000 dots (per cup) x 18 cups = 36,000 dots All for You!
You could be lucky, your friend could be lucky, and even people you don’t know by name could be lucky. What do I mean? 18 Lucky winners will be chosen to get those 18 cups.
Check out the photo and follow the instructions. Really really simple! It’s all about your luck.


What will I do with 18 cups?
I could think of my answer as speedy as a second. I’ll probably be at the nearest Dippin’ Dots branch almost everyday with O and finish all 18 cups together. We’ll bring the childhood spirit alive in us. Haha! That’s if I’m lucky enough like you.





Dippin’ Dots offers party packages for your upcoming events too! Do check it out and contact them directly for any inquiries.


What do you think of Dippin’ Dots Ice Cream?

Share with me your thoughts! :)

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Pray, Eat and Love.


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