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Cup of Dippin' Dots

What are Dippin’ Dots?

Dippin’ Dots are small, uniformly shaped bits of ice cream, flash-frozen in a cryogenic process that involves exposing them to liquid nitrogen at minus 320 degrees. The resulting droplets are then stored in a specialized freezer system which keeps a constant temperature of [minus 40 degrees, preserving both texture and flavor


Our Story

Sometimes from humble beginnings, exciting things arise. We like to think that’s the case with Dippin’ Dots. It started with Curt Jones, microbiologist by trade, ice cream aficionado by choice. One day in 1987 (we’re betting it was a hot day) inspiration struck. Curt had already developed the process that was about to revolutionize the ice cream industry – only he was using it on cattle feed at the time. On this (probably extremely hot) day, he was mixing up a batch of homemade ice cream from an old family recipe. His mind half on the ice cream and half on work, when the idea hit him like a brain freeze in summer: if cryogenically freezing cattle feed preserved its nutritional content and, theoretically, its flavor (Curt never actually tasted the cattle feed to verify that), imagine what it could do for ice cream! What followed was a blur of experiments, tinkering in the kitchen, and plenty of trial-and-error. A lot of ice cream was sacrificed along the way – not to mention the afternoons, evenings, weekends, and even a few of his daughter’s toys (her sand buckets made great ice cream strainers, once you added a few hundred tiny holes). Though the process was long, Curt knew he had a good idea. He knew “something different is happening here.”

Once Curt perfected the process and was confident he had a winning concept, he quit his job. No more frozen cattle feed for him! He bought some equipment, and opened his first retail store in Lexington, Kentucky. The whole family pitched in, including his six-year-old daughter, who proved (with a little help from mom) to be quite the prodigy on the cash register. (We assume she used her earnings to buy new sand buckets.) Ever the innovator, Curt recognized that Dippin’ Dots would be a perfect fit at theme parks. He got his foot in the door at Opryland, where he saddled up on an old bike and rode around selling Dippin’ Dots out of a cooler. They also got into Florida’s Kennedy Space Center – a futuristic setting for “The Ice Cream of the Future” – and they haven’t looked back since. Today, Dippin’ Dots can be found in theme parks, arenas, theaters, stadiums and retail locations all over the world. A lot has changed since Curt Jones had his idea, but rest assured, the next bite of Dippin’ Dots you take will be just as delicious as the first one Curt took all those years ago.

Dippin’ Dots in the Philippines

It all started with the opening of our first store in Shangri-La mall, Mandaluyong City on December 7, 1996.

On that memorable day, the original beaded ice cream captured the imagination of kids and the kids-at-heart. Since then, Dippin’ Dots has satisfied fans visiting major malls in Metro Manila, and brought happiness to countless celebrations & events across the country from Luzon to Mindanao.